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Review of the German National Championship 2014 - Day 1

29.11 - 30.11 was the designated date for the German National Championship in Nürnberg.

Due to personal and business matters i had like a 4 month break with Krosmaster Online  and the boardgame as well.

Thinking about a competive list i thought i would be in the need of a "no-brainer-team", as days will be very long, exhausting and my lack of practice.

I felt good with kitty as i enjoyed playing kitty - henual - diver - koa - moe in the beta.

After several testgames and discussions with friends, i found the final version of my team:

With 34 Ini i would start most of the games (in fact i got turn 1 in all games). I set up a deployment that allowed me to buy a 12 kama reward on turn 2 and be adaptable as well.

Special thanks to Phil for this fully painted team:


Day 1 - Constructed:

Game 1: Red Blitz ( Thio / Goultard / Koa / Quentin or Kivin not sure)

I bursted Goulard down and prepared for the final blow next round, i calculated max incoming damage and told my opponent: "Ok if you crit any roll and i dont get at least 1 shield my kitty could die."
Guess what happened next ^^
So the tournament started with a loss, ok no risks anymore.

Game 2: Merkator

I killed Luki and 1 Koa went for doubles and buy-out. Win.

Game 3: Thio / Emma / Ayan / Kivin / Liane

I faced my friend Phil (he did the awesome paintjob!) and i offered him an intentional draw, as i was pretty confident that i can manage to win the other games or rather get into the cut for day 2.
We played the game i killed Emma in Turn 2 and kivin + Liane died in turn 3.

Game 4: Red Blitz again ( Thio / Goultard / Koa / Quentin or Kivin not sure)

I was alerted from game one and prepared for a "slower" approach, i used a wabbit and a Koa to prevent him from jumping in a good position for a set up. So he decided to not jump in the mid, he went to the mid where i killed Thio in Turn 2 or 3.
Now my plan was to fall back and look for doubles and buy-out as Goultard + Koa would be still dangerous for my kitty. ~ 30 mins still on the clock.
I didnt roll any double the entired time, my opponent ofc realised what i am going to do and saved all his money.
Time was ticking and not a single double -> draw :/

Game 5: Kitty + Henual + other stuff

He went in way to aggressive in his first turn, his Kitty got corned and gang banged.

Game 6: Merkator + Lil healey + Srammy + Koa ( i think this was his team)

He charged over my left side i did the same with Kitty on my right, i managed to kill his Srammy and koa.
With rewards and luki i made Merk useless for a full round, went for doubles and ended the game with roque style. I had no chance in killing either Merk or Lil Healey as she had 5 MP with dofus.

Day 2 coming soon



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Game 6:
It was Srammy, not Luki but everything else is correct. By the way did you recognized, that I lost my last GG by a double critical? rofl....
Good game, nice blog